Got Your Message


I found your message, baby
You're coming around
Not such good news 'cause we're
both feeling down
Why don't you just understand
I can't see this Fury no more
who I love so much and I start to hate
when you are throwing shit at me.

I got your message, baby yeah
you're coming around
why don't you just understand, that it's
it's raining in town
we've showed our dark sides 'till now
of lovers who are falling apart
not sure if you feel a hope like me
that one sunny day our pain might heal.


It's not a good joke telling me
you're coming for tea
I'm just so afraid of that you might
spit the hot tea on me
You're too damn humiliating
you're throwing our love away
there is no sense of respect
not even thanks for what I did for you.

It leaves such a bad taste, baby
you and I we weren't meant to fight
why don't you just understand
that my heart for you was always true
can't you just try coming back to earth
and listen to the depths of your soul
finding out that we are meant for more
and reach out for a higher ground.

Why don't you realise that the
warmth of our hearts will calm us down

Why don't you just understand that our
wounds will heal when your cheeks meet mine

That's when the sun will shine
when you fall into my arms again

Deep in our hearts we know that
we can kiss our tears away.

Copyright: Olaf Römer, 2002