Chinese Envoy - Revisited

You drew near, a brown curl in your face, an inviting smile with shimmering eyes,
such youthful freshness
Ten exciting seconds in an elevater to the parking deck, neon lights, while somebody`s there,
and you`re too shy to look at me.
- so you are there, so you are there

A nervous conversation, touching one subject after another, then back to the decoration of the bar
we`re in, but I`m too numb to really think
Drunk from a single glass of wine, you go through photos you took, telling stories
that I later cannot recall.
- and you are there, and you are there

Me, I`ve never been the charming story-teller, digging for ev`ry nice word, which might have
appeared a bit strange to you
Are you the one I was looking for ? You, who`s gonna save me from the cold, the grey, and the
days of insecurity ?
- but you are there, but you are there

Is it the right time, the right way to tell you what I really feel, think, hope, do,
and the dead end I`m stuck in ?
It is probably too much for you to cope with, in your simple life with your simple friends
who never dare to live on the verge of insanity - not even sometimes ?
- but you are there, but you are there

For a moment a flash of happiness has conquered us, built on things we feel we know,
but they`re not really true
Hearts are weak, though feelings are strong, and I`ve never learnt to get along or will bear
this part of the human race.
- nor do I want to, nor do I want to
no way, no way.

Copyright: Olaf M. Römer, April 1998