Angels Never Lie


If we look back on these times
and those days when we felt strong
that`s when nothing could go wrong.

With those precious times in mind
when our words were full of rhyme
the world was yours and mine.

Hoping that angels never lie
proved by facts we can`t deny
so that our love should never die.

Holding this gift of our love
a force from high above
we add glory to our lives.

- Interlude -

'Till the day, the day when you turn your back¸
on all these precious happy times
to a part of life that`s poisoned
by strange doors of disgust.

It`s a sad, a sad, situation,
an ugly degredation
when two lovers` words collide
and when nothing feels alright.

Visions of somebody else
imaginary beds in red
suspiscious signs of a darker side
caused lies which tore us apart.

These pictures burning in her brain
in self-defense beating back her pain
running into the open arms
of  "friends" with shady charm.

Just like a crazy mutation
an angel becomes a Fury.
There are little lies we can`t deny
can angels ever lie .

There`s no money, there`s no style
which can cover all that guile.
Now disgracefully abandoned
our jewels of the past.

She`s disco-dancing to those jerks
who pick up ev`ry piece of tasty flesh
noisy beats blastering all night long
what I, I could not have borne.

There are no words in the whole wide world
to erase the doubts of real true love
proof of a glorious past won`t last
when faith has gone down the drain.

Copyright: Olaf Römer, 2001